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GEM has performed at a string of high profile gigs including TED talks, The Emmy Pre party, Pride Miami, Pride NYC, The women’s power summit  is about to kick off a mini tour through America revealing her newest EP Disco Ain’t Dead You just don’t know me yet. 

GEM was written up in Rolling Stone as having written one of the songs you “need to know” and has a USA chill out radio #1 for a remix she produced, Billionaire.

GEM has been featured on Spotify playlists Just Chill, Soft Glow and USA Friday tatstemakers Crate Diggers. Her sound has been compared to Wet, Shallou, Poolside and Purple Disco Machine.


GEMs ultimate dream is that gender won’t be a limiting factor in music and to be nominated for a Grammy (which no female has ever won best producer to this day!!))

GEM is bringing the perfect blend of retro electro. 


GEM is an Australian born DJ/ Producer/ Light-worker with one overarching question:

What if music producers could be the modern day shaman (woman!!)

She believes music is medicine and has honed her craft designing feel good frequencies that uplift not only a dance floor but your whole energy field. 

GEM has just completed the Grammy NEXT program where she was one of only six producers selected worldwide to participate in the prestigious  program being mentored under Jeff Gitty (The weekend/ HER/ John Legend).

GEM moved to Los Angeles after launching her covers record the2070s.  This record, which peaked at #2 on the iTunes Electronic charts, featured classic songs from the 70s reimagined through the lens of modern electronica. GEM scored two nominations at the IMAS for Best Album (electronic) and Producer Of The Year, 2019, and nomination s in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Best Downtempo Song, Best Pop Song and Best Pop Vocal. 

GEM was named in the top 5 female producers in the world, ranking second place after Llndy Perry (Pink/ 

Her retro electro, disco style leans heavily on her studio background and incorporates energetic live instrumentation and lush vocals.


“It’s like music producer/DJ GEM RPM flew down from space when the world asked where are the young female producers?

Billboard Magazine, September 2019

Gem RPM Logo
Gem RPM Logo

Rolling Stone 
May 20 2021 


Music Connection Magazine 

June 30 2020 

Billboard Magazine 

September 2019 


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August 2019 


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Gem RPM Logo
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